Hi my name is Inna.
In this section i have collected the main information about the artistic aspects of my life and about the formation of my own style in drawing!

I was born in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Yaroslavl region.
I also graduated from art school there (2007-2011). After my graduation, i decided to continue my art profile and combine it with another discipline — art direction in advertising.

Since 2012, the main activity has been devoted to this area, but despite this, art education was very much appreciated in all educational institutions and in the working sphere, and that is why the art sphere did not fade for a second.

The time of experiments and academic drawing continued. (2012 - 2017)

Since 2018, the formation of the style has begun.

At first, there were only paper sketches from the works, but later they turned into full-fledged paintings.

The paintings are based on smooth lines and ambiguous forms. The compositions and the characters themselves are sometimes thought out, sometimes there is pure improvisation.

For me, paintings work like a mirror, they are a direct reflection of thoughts, worries, ideas and my reasoning. Despite the fact that the mood is sometimes not very joyful, there is still a positive and bright view of what is happening in the pictures. This primarily appears due to color and due to soft shapes. The paintings seem to be processing everything into a single bright and juicy stream.

Materials: Acrylic, Watercolor.


Art School of Pereslavl-Zalessky (2007-2011)

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the field of advertising and public relations. (2012-2016)

British Higher School of Art and Design in Graphic Design. (2016-2018)

MADS concert course. (2018)

British Higher School of Art and Design in the field of Visual communications. (2018-2020)
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2022. The Holy Art Gallery. London 12-18 January. Online group exhibition with 5 artwork: "Pink mood", "Phurba", "Untitled", "Eyes", "Dream".

2022. M.A.D.S Gallery. Milan. 28-3 February. Digital group exhibition. Artwork ''Pink mood''.

2022. Van Gogh Gallery. Monaco. International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco. 24-26 June. Offline group exhibition. Artwork "War".

2022. Van Gogh Gallery. Madrid. June. Offline group exhibition. Artwork "Red one".

The main tools are acrylic, watercolor and a head full of emotions and experience

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